Let us help rethink your business one to one.

Fresh waves of technology are arriving more frequently, leaving some industries to cope with sudden, radical change – change in what is expected of them; change in their investment requirements; change in their route to market formulas.

We have conducted consulting assignments for many of the largest technology based businesses in the world, as well as some of the newest and freshest businesses.

Our two key technologies areas are BizTalk Server and Microsoft Azure and we understand a broad range of technologies and we are able to combine them in order to provide the best solution at lowest cost with high quality, Rethink121 thinks outside the square, for that reason we are able to surprise our customers.

Our philosophy is simple. Assessing technology is not rocket science and requires experience, perspective, and understanding where technology is right now and what it will do in its next generation.


Rethink121 helps you do this in a number of ways

Migrating enterprise application solutions into the cloud safely and securely, saving your company money and time.
Identify high and low-risk systems that are ready to be migrated into the cloud, developing a plan of action to ensure the right cloud solution is developed for your business be it Private / Public / Hybrid.
Adopting the right cloud migration strategy for your business is more important than ever today.

Mission critical problem solving, optimization and troubleshooting.
Advise and guide the project managers to select the most appropriate solution for their platform based on integration costs and functionalities.

Ensure validated architecture is properly implemented in the hosting environment as well as proper knowledge is retained in the Operational teams.

Work with teams to provide a solution that meets business and technical requirements in terms of costs, stability, availability, and performance.

Mentoring and training.

Our Team

We have a fantastic track record of delivering outstanding consulting for our clients but we couldn’t do this without our top-class and expert team.

Behind great company lies great experience. And for that, you need exceptional individuals who not only possess outstanding technical skills but also the ability to translate that talent into workable business solutions.

Our team is formed by Microsoft MVP with long experience and everyone at Rethink121 works towards the same goal: helping your business run better.


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